Does digital integration in your school matter to you?

With our "Schoolconnect" solution, you simplify the distribution of digital contents to your students and teachers while automatising the processes and limiting the risks of errors.

Your classes can be replicated or modified automatically and on a daily basis according to your school's organisation in the digital learning environment without giving you additional work to integrate digital in your school.

Advantages of Schoolconnect :


Distribute digital contents and create virtual classes in a simple and automatic way.

  • Student and teacher accounts management

  • 1. Account creation for students and teachers

  • 2. Replication of the school organisation on a daily basis

  • 3. Assignment of the students and teachers to their virtual classes

  • Content distribution

  • 1. Establishment of the list of contents by school, year and class

  • 2. Upload of own contents of the schools for the wished courses

  • 3. Automatic attribution of contents in the student and teacher accounts.

Our solution can be adapted to the specific needs and organisation of each school

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