About Schoolbag

Recognising the increasing popularity of digital learning resources, we’ve used our extensive skills and knowledge of digital books to develop Schoolbag, a complete solution dedicated to all educational levels across Switzerland.

  • Goal

    Schoolbag aims to support schools, teachers and publishers in their digital approach to study.

    To achieve this goal, Schoolbag offers a website dedicated to schools and publishers that allows them to manage their digital content, coupled with the Schooltas learning environment.

  • Expertise & collaboration

    We work closely with ThiemeMeulenhoff which has developed the learning environment already present in 200 schools in The Netherlands and has more than 70,000 users.

  • A complete digital solution

    Schoolbag offers a complete, high-performance response wholly dedicated to education: users can read, share and interact with digital content anywhere with ease, thus making teaching a more effective and interactive experience.

A solution for schools and publishers

Schoolbag offers a unique platform adapted to the needs of schools and publishers. Take advantage of the customised features that give you new teaching possibilities and new ways to get your content across.


For schools

Manage your students, teachers and classes, and your digital content too. The publishing and sharing functions will allow you to offer more collaborative and interactive courses.

For publishers

Enrich and distribute your content with ease! Plus feedback statistics will tell you even more about how it’s being used.