Animate your courses using interactive modules offered by LearningApps. You can reuse an already created module, modify it or create a new one according to your own needs. Videos, images, diagrams, exercises, games,... With these modules, create the exercises your students need and keep them interested!

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✓ Easy customization

 Simple connection to your courses

 Share your modules 

✓ More interactivity in your classes

✓ Available on computer

✓ Free









Encourage your students' learning by creating lists of cards or reusing a list created by another user. Text, images, diagrams, add what you want to your cards and share them with your class. Thanks to Quizlet's fun learning system, your students will be able to easily improve their knowledge. 

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✓ Simple and fun

 Six different study modes

 Interactive learning games 

✓ Millions of lists available

✓ Available on web, Android and iOS

✓ Free