Create course materials simply with Canva

Canva is a database of document templates to use to create presentations, infographics, posters, and many more.


Canva – The application 

With the online or smartphone application, choose a design from more than 60,000 models in different categories and adapt it to your needs. Change the text, shape, colors,... Thanks to a very simple to use editor, you can fully adapt your creations to your courses. Your students can also create presentations or posters for their homework.

With Canva, make your students want to follow your presentations or make them want to create their own!

Go to the site to start using a template:


Suggestion for use

  • Create infographics to make it easier to understand
  • Share your course materials
  • Suggest Canva for your students' presentations
  • Use Canva for school events
  • Create a year book of your class


How do I add Canva to Schooltas?

Clic here to see the video !

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