Enrich your teaching with Classtime

Classtime is a solution that enriches teaching in a classroom through immediate feedback on the students' level of understanding. Search through thousands of exercises or create them yourself to make your lessons more interactive. Challenge yourself to increase your students' participation in the classroom.


Classtime – The application 

Browse the exercise library to find new ideas from more than 300,000 shares or create your own exercise. With 8 different types of questions, imagine a fully customized test. Then monitor your students' responses in real time and observe their understanding. Thanks to the tracking system, each student will be scored automatically and you will be able to easily analyze his or her progress directly in Classtime.

Engage your students by offering them interactive and fun content, while saving time during their evaluation and follow-up. With Classtime, teaching becomes easier for teachers and more fun for students.

With the interactive games available, you can also engage your class in interactive challenges that will help them learn while having fun.

Go to the site to start using Classtime: https://www.classtime.com 


Suggestion for use

  • Build engaging lessons with the question library
  • Evaluate their knowledge in real time
  • Create challenges to test their knowledge
  • Create exercises as homework
  • Interact with your students through quizzes throughout your course


How do I add Classtime to Schooltas?

Clic here to see the video !

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