Organize your ideas with Coggle!

Coggle is an online mindmap creation tool. Organize your ideas easily with the many templates available.


Coggle – The application 

Organize and share your ideas with Coggle in a simple and clear way. Thanks to a very easy to use editor with many features, you will be able to create beautiful visuals to express your ideas. Then share your mindmap with your students or other teachers and discuss it in class.

Go to Coggle to start creating mindmaps: 


Suggestion for use

  • Create a mindmap with your students during a class
  • Create the summary of your courses as a mindmap
  • Let your students use Coggle for a project
  • Share your mindmaps between teachers
  • Clarify the ideas found in class


How do I add Coogle to Schooltas?

Clic here to see the video !

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