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Access the online education area and search the Encyclopedia Eniversalis library of documents, images or videos.


Encyclopedia Universalis – The application 

The online education area is divided into several categories of education: middle school, high school, higher education and schools. The content proposed in each category is adapted to the age of the students. Create an account on the site and start looking for content in the library for your lessons and ask your students to use the library to document their homework or presentations.

Some documents are also available in English, allowing students to practice the language.

Go to the site to create an account: 

To learn more, watch the video presentation of the education area.


Suggestion for use

  • Search for historical videos to enrich your courses
  • Ask your students to do research work
  • Use the English documentation to improve their level
  • Suggest the library as a source for presentations
  • Search together for information on any subject


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