Secure your internet with Framasoft

Framasoft is a French association that offers more than 30 different small applications to "un-google" our Internet, i. e. to replace Google applications with local and more secure applications.


Framasoft – The application 

The Framasoft website offers applications divided into three categories: free software, free culture and free services. While free culture contains applications that give access to culture such as books, videos, images, etc., free software contains a large list of secured and free software. We are particularly interested in free services, which offer more than thirty small applications that can be substituted for Google.

Work collaboratively, design practical tools, organize together, exchange with others, synchronize and share your folders, transmit links and files, and much more!

Thanks to the applications offered by Framasoft, you will know how your data is used and give your students a secured Internet access.

Visit Framasoft to consult the list of applications: 


Suggestion for use

  • Share large files with Framadrop
  • Synchronize your folders with Framadrive
  • Communicate live with your class with Framateam
  • Create presentations with Framaslides
  • Create a collaborative space with Framemo


How do I add Framasoft to Schooltas?

Clic here to see the video !

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