Improve your language skills with iTranslate

iTranslate is an online dictionary and translator that allows you to translate words or sentences into more than 100 different languages. Thanks to its various functions, you will be able to easily monitor your translations and thus improve your language skills.

iTranslate - the application

Download the application on iOS or Android now to start translating words or sentences. With the various functions available, easily switch from one language to another and listen to translations to improve your pronunciation.

At all times, you will have access to complete dictionaries with synonyms and verb conjugations. You can also access your translation history and records to easily find words or sentences that are regularly used.

With the pro version, take pictures of texts or panels and translate them directly into the application. You can also use voice translation and work offline.

Download the application to start your translations: 


Suggestion for use

  • Your students have access to the dictionary directly online
  • Increase their language skills
  • Make them curious about other languages
  • Create translation exercises
  • Improve your students' pronunciation


How do I add iTranslate to Schooltas?

Clic here to see the video ! 

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