With La QuiZinière, share fun exercises!

La QuiZinière is a French application of the canopé network designed to create interactive online exercises to share with your students.


La QuiZinière – The application 

With La QuiZinière's comprehensive editor, create exercises in all possible ways: open-ended questions, multiple-choice questions, mathematical formulas, drawings, fill in-the-blank texts and much more. Then share your exercises with your students and correct their answers. Thanks to the tracking system, you can easily observe your students' learning and adapt your courses to their needs.

La QuiZinière encourages you to create fun exercises for your students and to follow their progress in a simple way.

Go to the site to start creating exercises: https://test.quiziniere.com/ 


Suggestion for use

  • Use quizzes to improve interactivity in the classroom
  • Create exercises as homework assignments
  • Create knowledge tests at the end of a chapter
  • Monitor your students' progress
  • Easily list the questions that have been problematic


How do I add La QuiZinière to Schooltas?

Clic here to see the video !

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