Enrich your courses with LearningApps !

LearningApps is an application that provides teaching support through small interactive modules called "apps". Create them very simply with the templates provided or use content shared by other users to enrich the content of your courses.



LearningApps – the application 

Go to the Learningapps website and create "apps": https://learningapps.org/

Simply choose a template and modify it as you wish. You also have the possibility to take a module proposed by other users, modify it or link it directly to your course. 

Quizzes, exercises, videos, games, chat, votes, everything is possible with LearningApps!


Suggestions for use

  • Create quizzes on a subject
  • Have your students vote on a question
  • Have your students play with each other to stimulate their learning
  • Increase their spelling skills with crosswords or letter grids
  • Create visual aids to facilitate understanding


How do I add LearningApps to Schooltas?

Clic here to see our video !

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