Interact with your class thanks to SpeakUp !

SpeakUp is a Swiss application, invented at EPFL, that allows you to create different quizzes to which students can answer anonymously or not. A voting system also allows you to see the most frequently asked questions!


SpeakUp – the application 

With the online application or on smartphone, create your virtual classroom now and invite your students to join it with a code, or with the localization. Create your quizzes very easily with multiple-choice quizzes or open-ended questions. Your students will be able to answer them, add comments and votes! 

With SpeakUp, improve your students' participation by opening an anonymous chat, without having to create an account, enrich your discussions and debates by allowing your students to express their opinions and evaluate their knowledge through multiple choice questions.

Go to SpeakUp to start creating questions: 


Suggestion for use

  • Lead your classes by asking your students questions live
  • Evaluate their knowledge
  • Allow your students to express themselves freely
  • Encourage student participation in the classroom
  • Answer the most frequently asked questions


How do I add SpeakUp to Schooltas?

Clic here to see the video !

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