• Schooltas on my device

    Schooltas is available on the following devices :


             Laptop, PC and Mac

  • Use Schooltas offline on the web version


    1.    Control the settings of your browser

    Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Privacy and Security > Content Settings > Cookies
    Make sure that the option below remains always inactive to be able to use Schooltas offline.

    2.    Add the Schooltas URL https://mijn.schooltas.net to your bookmarks bar. 

    This will allow you to go back to Schooltas while offline after closing and re-opening your browser. You will simply need to click on the link in your bookmarks bar.

    4.    Download your books (ebooks and own contents)
    Only downloaded books will be accessible while offline. Remember to download them when you are connected to the internet, so you can work offline.


    5.    Actions to avoid to use Schooltas offline

    To use correctly the offline mode of Schooltas, not lose your work (notes, annotations) and allow a good synchronisation when you are back online, certain actions must be absolutely avoided:

    -    Clear browsing data (cookies, etc.)
    -    Clear cache of your browser
    If you proceed one or several of these actions, remember to sign in your Schooltas account, follow all the recommendations above and download your books to be able to work offline again.

  • How can I understand how to best use all the functionalities of Schooltas?

    The Academy book is listed on the left side. It helps you to best use all the available features. In this book, you learn how to activate and open the books, add your personal notes and share them with others. 

    The additional features for teachers are also explained in this book to optimize your experience with Schooltas.

    Click on the "Quickstart" section on  the left column with the courses.

    Click on the book on the right side to download and open it.

    Navigate in the "Quickstart" book and open the tips on how to best use Schooltas and its functionalities.

  • How can I add books to Schooltas ?

    To add books to your Schooltas account you need to add a bundle code. Ask your vendor how you can get your personal bundle code.

    To add the bundle code, open the settings menu in your dashboard and select the menu "my bundles". In the next window, you can add the bundle code you have been given by your publisher or vendor.

    If you want to try out Schooltas you can also add a demo bundle. To do so, tap the button "add a bundle code" in the "my bundles" window.

  • How can I add a subscription code ?

    To read the own content in Schooltas, you have to enter the subscription code (Reader Service licence) that was previously communicated to you.
    Open the settings menu in your dashboard and select “my subscriptions”. In the next window, you can enter your code in the field “subscription code”.

    Click on the button “add” to complete the activation. Your contents are now accessible under the corresponding subjects.

  • How can I hide my courses ?

    In the Schooltas dashboard you can open the settings menu in the upper right corner. You can change the visibility of the courses by choosing the menu "my courses".

    In the next menu, you see the different courses in your Schooltas account with an eye icon at the right. If you press the eye it will open or close. A closed eye means the course is hidden; an open eye means that the course will be visible in your course list.

  • How do I remove books from Schooltas ?

    You can arrange your book list exactly the way you want. To do so, select the subject in which the book is located. Press the "edit" button.

    You'll notice that eyes appear at the left side of the book. tap the eye icon for the book you want to hide. This way, you can arrange your book shelf exactly the way you want!

  • How can I write in my Schooltas books ?

    You can write in you Schooltas books by using the text tool. The text tool is located in the upper right corner of your bookviewer. Click on the "A|" sign to activate the tool.

    Once you've activated the tool you can click anywhere on the page to open the text box. Once the box is active, you can start typing.

    To move the text box on the page you can drag the blue navigation button in the upper left corner of the box. If you want to delete the text box, you can press the black "x" in the upper right corner of the text box.

    When you're done typing, simply press the "done" button at the top of your screen.

  • How do I add a pin in Schooltas ?

    Schooltas allows you to add pins to your books. Pins are attached to a specific location in your book and contain a personal note. You can also store images and internet links in pins (videolinks will be embedded).

    To add a pin, simply long press on a page in your book (iPad) or left click and choose "add a pin" (browser and Windows 8). Note: teachers choose the option "note"

    A pin will appear and your notebook will open automatically. Edit and save the note. From now on, you’ll be able to open the note at the specific page of your choosing. Convenient!

    Now it is even easier to distinguish the student notes from the teacher notes.

    Those of the students are square and those of the teachers have a special shape and are highlighted in green.

  • How can I use the personal notebook ?

    Besides e-books, Schooltas also has a personal notebook. You can find it on the right edge of your screen.

    Open the notebook by tapping on its edge. Tap or click on the + sign to add a new note. You can add tags to indicate what the note is about. You can add hyperlinks and photo’s to your notes. If you add a youtube hyperlink, Schooltas will automatically generate a youtube preview in your notebook. How awesome is that?

    To save your note simply press "save".

  • How can I search notes in the personal notebook on iPad ?

    When you create a note, remember to use the « Tags ». It will allow you to search easily your notes using the search function.

    1.    Creation of “Tags”

    Below “What is the note about?”  you can create as many tags as you wish. It allows you to easily search through your notes using the search function with key notes. Once you have created your tags, click on the button “save”. 

    2.    Search function

    Up your personal notebook, you can fill in the first field with the tag sign to filter your notes. You will then see only the notes with the associated tag you search for.

    As in the example, the filter starts automatically when you start writing in the search field. Therefore, you don’t have to write the keywords entirely which allows you to filter your notes quickly.
    Furthermore, the little star on the right side allows you to classify your notes as favourites. When clicking on the star on the right side of the search function, you’ll find all your favourite notes.

    3. Filter by course

    Finally, the second field in the research function, allows you to select the course you want to search notes for. You can easily find your notes according to the course. 
    Lors de la création d'une note, pensez à utiliser les "Balises" ou "Tags" qui vous permettront de retrouver plus facilement vos notes en utilisant la fonction de recherche des notes.

  • How do I share a pin with other users ?

    Why keep your pins to yourself? In Schooltas you can share your added content with other users. In turn, they can rate your content by "liking" your pins.

    To share a pin, open it (click or tap on it) and press the button "share". If you’re in a class you can choose to share your pin with the rest of the world or to share it with your classmates or students. To like a pin by another user, tap or click the "like" icon in the upper right corner.£

  • How can I see shared pins (from teachers and students)?

    On your "Welcoming page" you directly see all the shared pins.

    Select a class and see all the shared pins of the book used in the selected class.

  • How can I use the interactive table of contents?

    In Schooltas, more and more titles offer an interactive table of contents. If the table of contents of your book is interactive, the following symbol appears  .

    Get instant and easy access to any chapter of your book.

  • How can I know the contents of an enrichment?

    On Schooltas, more and more books offer additional content, called enrichments. These contents are in the form of green tags, as in the example below.

    In order to know the content of an enrichment without having to open the tag, you can simply position the pointer of your mouse on the enrichment.

    You will have a brief description of the content included in the tag.

    Note: This feature is available on the web version only.

  • How can I search in my notes?

    On Schooltas, you have the option to search for all the notes you have taken in one of your books. From a book on Schooltas, open the notebook on the right. Locate the search field by looking for the search tool symbol.

    On Schooltas, you have the option to search for all the notes you have taken in one of your books. From a book on Schooltas, open the notebook on the right. Locate the search field by looking for the search tool symbol.

    By clicking on the button, "go to the pin", you will be automatically redirected to the page where your pin is (this only works if you have previously added a pin).

    Using advice :

    Add titles to your notes so you can find them more easily.
    Add your notes as a pin to quickly access the page of your book it’s related to.

  • How can I export my Schooltas personal notes ?

    On the web version of Schooltas and with the Google Chrome browser, you can export your personal notes.

    To do so, simply open your notebook and click on the export icon   .
    Note: Only notes of the sleected course will be exported. It is not possible to export your notes from all your courses at once.

    Then click “ok” to receive your notes to the email address used for your Schooltas account.

    You will receive an email from Schooltas with a link to download your notes in PDF format. The link remains available for 7 days.


  • How can I use the search function in Schooltas?

    The search tool is on the top left corner of Schooltas environment when you open a book. Click on the symbol .to activate the search tool.

    Once you have activated the tool, you can enter any terms in the search bar and all the places where the same term appears in the book will be listed with the corresponding page number.

    You can click on the pages you want in the search results. It will lead you to the pages in the books.

    When you have found what you were looking for, you can close the search tool with the cross  to exit the search mode and work in your book.

    If you have clicked on one or several pages of the search results and would like to go back to the page you were working on before starting the search, you simply have to click on the button    located on the botoom left corner of the environment.
    When you click on   for iPad or the button "online" for the web version, it will search for the term you entered in a search engine and open a new webpage with the resutls.


    This last option is availalbe only if you are in online mode.


  • How to get an overview of my different activation codes

    On schooltas, you can find an overview of your bundles with their expiration dates. To do this, simply click on the notched wheel  located in the upper left corner, then go under "my bundles".

    Your bundles are grouped according to their expiration dates.

    the expired bundles are grouped together under the still active bundles.

  • How can I create a link to a specific page in a Schooltas book?


    1. Procedure to create a link to a specific page in a Schooltas book

    It is possible to create a link which will redirect to a specific page of a Schooltas book. This link can be used in an App or directly in Schooltas. 

    Note: This link works only if the user has a running licence for the book to it redirects.

    External Application: You can add a link in an external application (Powerpoint, Word, …) To open the link, the user needs to be logged in Schooltas BEFORE clicking on the link.

    Directly in Schooltas:   You can create a PIN which will contain the link to a specific page of the same book or another book. To create a PIN, do a right-click and click on “Add a new PIN”. 

    Then select one of the following possibilities:

    • Create a PIN “Text in popup”: a window will be opened, and the user will need to click on the link to be led to the specific page. 
    • Create a PIN “Link URL”: the user will be directly led to the specific page after clicking on the PIN.


    Add the link you will have created in one of those two PINs.

    2. How to create the link: 

    Connect to Schooltas on a computer and open the book for which you want to create the link.

    Look at the URL in the search bar:

    The green part shows the link to Schooltas
    The orange part shows the book’s reference

    Copy this entire URL and add the following information to create your link: 

    At the end of the URL, add the page number exactly like the following example: 

    ,X: a comma and the wished page number.


    ATTENTION : the pages numbering doesn’t always correspond to the Schooltas numbering. To know which number to add in your URL, please use the following rule: 

    Go to the wished page.
    Look at which Schooltas numbering it corresponds. To do this, go over the navigation bar with your mouse.

    Please note that the pages numbering depends on every publisher. If there are some pages skipped in the page numbering of the book or if it doesn’t correspond to the numbering of Schooltas, the following rules won’t work.

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