Since the beginning of the year 2018, we have been actively working closely with the Schooltas team to always bring more comfort and interactivity to the digital learning environment to publishers and schools. It is now possible to enrich your contents with premiums enrichments to clearly differentiate them from the normal ones and further encourage your readers to use the ones you believe are fundamental. To further add interactivity in your contents, you can also add a very short text describing your enrichments. It will be displayed each time your readers put their mouse over the pin linked to the enrichment. Read our latest newsletter to learn more about these new functionalities. Click here

EPC Lausanne

We have the pleasure to welcome EPC Lausanne among the schools who trust us to accompany them in their digitalisation process in Switzerland.  EPC Lausanne has decided to start the pilot project with a couple of it's ICA classes for this new school year. The beginning of a great adventure with a first digital school start for some of it teachers and students

Google Play

IMPORTANT : Google recently decided to have its Engine App platform follow its deprecation policy. Therefore, the Schooltas Chrome App won’t be updated, and its usage won’t be supported by Schooltas anymore. To minimize the impact of Google’s decision and policy on its users, Schooltas has worked these past couple of months to offer a new web environment which will be as close as possible to the Chrome App. The new web version has been released for the Google Chrome browser. We invite you to stop using the Google Chrome App from now on and switch to the web version. The link to the new web version remains the same as the current one: The “Offline” option, which allows users to access their uploaded contents, add notes and annotations while being offline, is very similar to the current offline mode available on the Google Chrome App as long as users follow the browser’s settings and basic steps recommended by Schooltas. The settings recommended by Schooltas are available in our FAQ. To facilitate the change to the new web version, we kindly invite you to share this news with teachers and students of your school. We thank you for your trust and remain at your disposal should you have any question. Best regards, Schoolbag Team  

Swissmem joins us at Schoolbag !

We are proud to welcome Swissmem among the publishers which deeply trust us and believe in our Schoolbag services and in the digital learning environment Schooltas. The contents of Swissmem for the mechanic, construction, automation, electronic, IT and commerce with industry expertise fields are yet available on Schoolbag. “Swissmem formation professionnelle” is the largest swiss organisation exclusively mandated to the development of professions, teaching materials and services for the professional education. The association reinforces the competitivity of its members on the national and international markets and contributes to the shining of the swiss industry in the world.

Academy book

New features are now available on Schooltas for iOS.  Academy Book Learn how to use Schooltas – Simple and Fun The Academy book is listed on top of your courses on the left side. It helps you to best use all the available features. In this book, you learn how to activate and open the books, add your personal notes and share them with others.  The additional features for teachers are also explained in this book to optimize your experience with Schooltas. Homepage   Schooltas continues its road to best suit your needs and expectations in 2017. Your homepage has changed. Starting from now, you see all the shared notes for the courses you have and can directly access to them with one simple click. The goal is to increase the visibility and facilitate the access to the notes shared by the teachers.    Classroom page When you select a classroom, you can see the shared notes from the students and the teachers of the book used in the selected class. With a simple click, you get to the page of the book with the shared note. Learn, teach and share your knowledge easily and at any time and place with Schooltas.  

New features on Schoolbag

We are proud to share with you our latest upgrades to simplify and optimize your experience with Schoolbag. Simplification of the Ordering Process Access directly your cart content by clicking on the cart button. From there, you can change the type of license (1 year or 4 years) or remove items with a single click. Once your cart content is confirmed, you select the desired quantity choosing among two options (manual or automatic calculation) and select the delivery details. That’s it! Your order has been processed in just a few clicks! Fast check-out option to order « own content » When ordering own content, no need anymore to go through all the steps of an ordinary order. Save time and take advantage of the new fast check-out option by clicking on the button such as below. Choose the quantity and delivery options you want. An order confirmation message will appear. Your own content order has been processed.  Simple and Fast! FAQ update Following our latest upgrades, we have updated our FAQ (available in French or German only) to provide our support while you use Schoolbag.  You will find inside all the information you need to best use Schoolbag.  If you have any questions on how to use Schoolbag or about us, feel free to contact us. We are pleased to be by your side in your approach to integrate digital. The Schoobag Team wishes you all the very best for 2017!  

cambridge digital

Founded in the 16th century, Oxford and Cambridge are not only the 2 oldest, but also the 2 biggest university presses in the world. Since almost 50 years, those two publishing giants release hundreds of journals and thousands of books every year. Today, Oxford and Cambridge are working with Schoolbag and offer to students and teachers a catalogue that contains their famous school text books in digital version.


  We are glad to announce our presence in the ASFL/SVBL report. The Swiss association for the professional training in logistics has indeed granted us a few pages. It is written about the growing use of digital methods in schools, as well as Schoolbag, the addition of ASFL/SVBL titles in its catalogue, and its implementation in various Swiss schools. Therefore we invite you to read those interesting articles here. Visit the ASFL/SVBL website as well!  

For the start of the school year 2016/2017, 35 schools from all over Switzerland decided to adopt digital learning with Schoolbag. We wish to all of them an excellent beginning of the year!             The richness of the catalogue offers them articles coming from more than 30 publishers that enriched their books with different audio and video notes for an optimal learning. Moreover, teachers have the possibility to add their own content in PDF format that they can share and comment during their lessons. You also want to enjoy the benefits of digital learning? Contact us without delay.

digital textbook collaborative

Schoolbag is proud to announce its growing list of partner publishers. Famous in Switzerland but also at the international level, they decided to get into the digital adventure with us. Thanks to the quality and the diversity of their digital educational content you will find all what your school, your teachers and your students need for an optimal interactive learning. So no more excuse, join us on Schoolbag! Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter to be informed of Schoolbag novelties.

e-learning tools

June has come with its beautiful colours. Do you need to save some time during your revision period to enjoy this amazing season? Schooltas thinks so, and that’s why the new functionalities are now available on iPad, just like on PC/MAC, Android and Windows tablets. A growing number of books will now contain an interactive table of content that redirects you to the desired chapter. Your navigation speed is maximized as well thanks to the search function on Schooltas that locates in any book the place of words that you are looking for. What efficiency! Spring is here on Schooltas as well, and it offers a wide range of different highlight colours for your texts.

social learning

New features are available now on your learning environment Schooltas! Try them without delay on PC/MAC, Android and Windows tablets. Those changes will follow on iPad in a couple of days. Tired of swiping indefinitely to finally find the right page? The new Schooltas search function will enable you to find more easily one precise element in your book, like for example an article in the Swiss Code of Obligations. Type simply what you are looking for and the list of pages that contain the object of your search will be display instantaneously. You’ll only have to click and here you are on the right page. That’s something that your printed book will never be able to do! To make your navigation easier, publishers have now the possibility to make their table of contents interactive! A simple click on the internal link will directly refer you to the desired chapter. It has never been so simple to access your course books! Bring colour to your lessons! It is from now on possible to highlight your texts with different colours on Schooltas for your greatest pleasure!

digital teacher

The Schoolbag team was there at the SGIS Annual Conference 2016, which was hosted this year by “La Côte” international school in Aubonne. It was the perfect opportunity to present our digital solution to many teachers and directors of international schools. The solution met with great success among visitors, thanks particularly to its local and active support.

brainstorming tool

The “Wordweb” function is now available on all platforms! Whatever device you’re using, you can now enjoy all the benefits of this brainstorming tool. Thanks to the “Wordweb” function, your courses will be more dynamic and interactive than ever before.   Need to test your students’ knowledge on a particular subject? Just go into Schooltas, select the “Wordweb” option and enter the desired term. Then simply start the option to enjoy a whole new way of teaching, sharing and learning.

Schoolbag made its first big impression last summer with the launch of our range of pilot projects. With six training establishments, from secondary school level to adult education and including professional training centres for apprenticeships, we have every confidence in a successful 2015!   There are currently over 2000 students in both French- and German-speaking Switzerland working with the Schooltas learning environment.   So why not join us and let’s build the educational future of Switzerland together!

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