New features on Schooltas

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New features are available now on your learning environment Schooltas! Try them without delay on PC/MAC, Android and Windows tablets. Those changes will follow on iPad in a couple of days.

Tired of swiping indefinitely to finally find the right page? The new Schooltas search function will enable you to find more easily one precise element in your book, like for example an article in the Swiss Code of Obligations. Type simply what you are looking for and the list of pages that contain the object of your search will be display instantaneously. You’ll only have to click and here you are on the right page. That’s something that your printed book will never be able to do!

To make your navigation easier, publishers have now the possibility to make their table of contents interactive! A simple click on the internal link will directly refer you to the desired chapter. It has never been so simple to access your course books!

Bring colour to your lessons! It is from now on possible to highlight your texts with different colours on Schooltas for your greatest pleasure!

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