New features on Schooltas for iOS

Academy book

New features are now available on Schooltas for iOS. 

Academy Book

Learn how to use Schooltas – Simple and Fun

The Academy book is listed on top of your courses on the left side. It helps you to best use all the available features. In this book, you learn how to activate and open the books, add your personal notes and share them with others. 

The additional features for teachers are also explained in this book to optimize your experience with Schooltas.


Schooltas continues its road to best suit your needs and expectations in 2017. Your homepage has changed. Starting from now, you see all the shared notes for the courses you have and can directly access to them with one simple click.

The goal is to increase the visibility and facilitate the access to the notes shared by the teachers. 

Classroom page

When you select a classroom, you can see the shared notes from the students and the teachers of the book used in the selected class. With a simple click, you get to the page of the book with the shared note.

Learn, teach and share your knowledge easily and at any time and place with Schooltas.

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