Schooltas News – Google policy and deprecation of the Schooltas Chrome app

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Google recently decided to have its Engine App platform follow its deprecation policy. Therefore, the Schooltas Chrome App won’t be updated, and its usage won’t be supported by Schooltas anymore.

To minimize the impact of Google’s decision and policy on its users, Schooltas has worked these past couple of months to offer a new web environment which will be as close as possible to the Chrome App.

The new web version has been released for the Google Chrome browser.

We invite you to stop using the Google Chrome App from now on and switch to the web version.

The link to the new web version remains the same as the current one:

The “Offline” option, which allows users to access their uploaded contents, add notes and annotations while being offline, is very similar to the current offline mode available on the Google Chrome App as long as users follow the browser’s settings and basic steps recommended by Schooltas.

The settings recommended by Schooltas are available in our FAQ.

To facilitate the change to the new web version, we kindly invite you to share this news with teachers and students of your school.

We thank you for your trust and remain at your disposal should you have any question.

Best regards,

Schoolbag Team

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