Schooltas, a unique learning environment specially adapted to education


We are reinventing learning!

Schooltas is a learning environment that combines enriched eBooks with social and collaborative learning tools. Users add and share multimedia events, and teachers engage their pupils through interactive classroom tools.

Simplicity and effectiveness!

Schooltas offers easy access for all. Teachers upload and enrich existing content within a few minutes. They use familiar books and combine them with classroom tools that motivate students.

1. Organise your lessons!

Organisation des cours

With Schooltas, you simplify the way in which you work. You have the option to select your classroom books and to organise your lessons simply and intuitively. In addition, all your lesson aids are accessible to you at any time and in any place.

Welcome to the 21st century!

The Schooltas application allows you to:

manage your classes
organise your lessons
select books
take notes
centralise your documents
access your lesson aids in any place and at any time

2. Bring your lesson aids to life!

Add personalised content for your pupils!

Supports vivants

Add different types of content to your lesson aids:

Thanks to Schooltas, at any time you can supplement or enrich your lesson aids so as to bring them to life. Your pupils therefore have the opportunity to learn from complete, personalised lesson aids.


3. Work collaboratively!

Share and discuss without limits!

Supports vivants

Schooltas allows you to discuss and collaborate with your pupils without limitations. You can mark homework directly and start playful interactions with students.

The Schooltas application allows you to:

support your pupils
mark homework
share notes
start brainstorming exercises

All these functions are available in class (directly), but also from your home or when you are on the move

Enjoy your freedom!

Schooltas app



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