The advantages for your school

  • A complete solution

    A simple solution, from choosing a book to its dedicated use in the education system.

  • Accessible to all

    Simple to use and readily accessible to all users

  • Support

    A solution that meets your needs, with the added bonus of local support.

  • Share and collaborate

    Increase sharing and collaborating between your students and teachers thanks to the social features of Schooltas.

Available features of Schoolbag:

  • A collaborative environment

    Share your notes and gain all the advantages of brainstorming to ensure a social and collaborative learning experience for your students.

  • Catalogue management

    Schoolbag offers you a personalised catalogue along with easy distribution of your content.

  • Enrichment of content

    Schoolbag lets you create and enrich your content to make it even more interactive.

  • Easy access

    Our Cloud offers secure access to the library, anytime and anywhere.

  • Multi-platform access

    No restriction: you can use the Schooltas learning environment on the device of your choice!

  • Easy management

    With Schoolbag, creating and managing classes and users is problem-free!

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